Survival Minecraft Server


Well it took almost 12 hours, but it’s finally done.
Auscraft is now running 1.7.2
As usual, if you find any bug/glitches/problems, please let an admin know.
The server may be a bit laggy for a while as the dynmap renders.
Also, those with builds saved. Once you find a place you want to put it, let an admin know and we’ll paste your build in for you.

Due to the requests of our players, we decided to reset the map and enable large biomes.
It may take a while to get infrastructure organised (spawn, arena, market, etc) so please bear with us while we set these up.
The server will be a bit laggy for the first couple of days while dynmap renders the new map.
– Ulti

The server has now been updated to 1.5.1 !!! yayyyyyyyyy. So come and enjoy all the new stuff.


Also just to let everyone know there is a Feed the beast Server, connect at ftb.auscraft.org

The new market is now open! Make sure to come on and claim a shop. You’ll need an admin on to claim it. Thanks for the awesome market Hstroyer!

Also, the old market will close in 2 weeks, so be sure to transfer your shops.

Work on the new spawn has been complete! Excellent work by the Build Team. Be sure to thank them!

The build team members were :

  • ultima84
  • paslou
  • Brotherprime
  • Ahmaz (sort of, he didn’t do much <.<)
  • Reebdoog
  • Yumchahere
  • Esquin
  • Fazdaspaz
  • and Kael_t

Also special thanks to alco64 and Magicbrownie, who were advisors.

The rules have been updated, be sure to check them out at /warp rules



Just to let you know the site is now been hosted on a proper webhost, which means we can add a lot more features.
We have already created a Wiki for the Auscraft server, feel free to add contributions. You’re username will been to be verified before you can add content, this is to prevent spambots (For those of you who remember the last Auscraft Wiki.


- Ultima84

Server is now (finally) back online! If you’re having trouble connecting, it’s because your DNS hasn’t updated yet. You can connect to, mc.auscraft.org should work again in a day or two.