Australian Survival Minecraft Server


Hi all,

After much thought, I have come to the decision to shut down Auscraft as you know it.
I will be shutting the server down on Friday the 9th of February. The map will be saved and made available for download for those who want it.
It is unlikely I will be bringing the Auscraft server back in the future.

A lot of the members that made up the Auscraft community have moved on to other things, and we do not have the capability to retain new players on the server.
Personally, I stopped enjoying playing SMP Minecraft several years ago, and more recently I became aware I no longer enjoyed running the server either.
The little time I spent on the server was to check and ban griefers and hackers, of which there always seemed to be plenty.
I was running the server for others, but now the server stands empty.
And I understand why. The server staff are all busy living their lives and cannot devote time to the server, and I’ve lacked the creativity and energy to keep the server interesting for existing players.
There’s very little to do in Minecraft once you’ve reached the end game and built what you want to build.
Auscraft has always been an “old-school” server and tried to maintain the survival aspect of Minecraft. But that’s not what new players want, so they don’t stay.

Now in the first sentence I mentioned I was shutting down Auscraft “as you know it”.
This is because I still intend to run a server.
A small group of Auscraft players have been playing in the FTB server I’ve been running, and it has been great.
I will continue running the FTB server, but it will be run as “This server is for me, but you’re welcome to join me”.
The FTB server will remain white-listed and closed to the public.
Any previous Auscraft members who I know can follow the rules are welcome to join us.
Just let me know on Discord and I’ll add you to the white-list.
Eventually I would like to open the server to friends of trusted players based on the old green listing system, but for now we’ll keep it to trusted players only.

If you haven’t joined the Discord server yet, and wish to join the FTB server or just stay in touch, you can join here: https://discord.gg/0kLVIKttHT4ueJr2
I want to thank everyone who has been a part of the Auscraft community over the years.
I think we can all agree that Auscraft has always been one of the best Australian Minecraft communities, despite our size.
There’s no community I would rather be a part of. I hope you all feel the same way and stay in touch.


Hey all!
Server is going well. Couple of dramas and bans recently, but nothing major. 118 unique players have joined as of today.
Thanks to the hard work of Tobias and BrotherPrime, we now have this: http://mc.auscraft.org:3344/
And I have switched the wiki over to a secret one SomeVixen has been working on for some time now. I will be actively working on adding to the wiki over the next couple of weeks to make it more helpful with server commands and the like: http://www.auscraft.org/wiki

The Auscraft Minecraft server is now offline.
I wish to thank all the players that have been a part of the community up to this point, and hope you stick with us for what ever the future brings.
The worlds will be made available for download at some point over the weekend.

Hello fellow Auscraftians,

Just a warning, this is going to be a long one.
As most of you have probably noticed, the server has become devoid of players. To give you some idea of how inactive the server has become, the last donation made to the server was in July. But money is not the issue here.
As I am now working full time, the staff and I were happy to fund the server from personal funds so long as people were playing on it. Now that there are no longer people playing on it, it is just wasted money.
I feel like many of you feel the same way as I do about Minecraft now, it has run its course and is no longer fun. I may be wrong in this respect, but that is the way I feel.
Having said that though, it was never about Minecraft for me. When I took over Auscraft 3 years ago, I agreed to run it not because I wanted to keep playing Minecraft, not because I wanted the power, but because I did not want to see the Auscraft community die.
So you’ve probably guessed what this message is about by now.
Yes, we are planning on shutting down the server in the very near future. We tried adding things to the server that we thought the players wanted, but that did not bring them back. We had intended to wait until 1.9 was released to see if interest picked up again, but with no estimate on how long that may be, and no indication that people would actually return, we’ve decided it’s just not worth it.
However, from the ashes something new will arise.
As I said above, I didn’t want to see the community die before, and I don’t want to see it die now. You are all good people, and I would hate to see us all drift apart.
So I have been discussing with my fellow staff ideas on what we can do from here, and I gave them an idea I had recently.
We are thinking of transforming Auscraft from a Minecraft community, into a gaming community. A community focused on not just a single game, but on all games, with the intention of encouraging people to play together.
As some of you know, I’m a pretty heavy gamer. I often find it difficult to find people to play games with. Sure, I could join random people and play, but I feel like that is less fun than playing with people you know.
So the concept is to create a gaming community that makes it easier to play games with one another. Ideally we could implement some sort of system where someone from the community can create an event saying “I’d like to play this game on this day starting this time.” and people could see that and join them.
Obviously a new name and some rebranding would be required, but I think it could work.
As community members, we are seeking your feedback on this. Would you like to be a part of something like this? Got any other ideas?

It will be sad to say goodbye to Auscraft, but hopefully we can create something even better from this.

Hey all!
So we’ve decided to try something new.
Greenlisted players now have access to a small creative world. You can get there using “/warp creative”
Same rules as the main world apply on the creative world. Be extra careful not to build too close to anyone else, as being creative, they will probably want to expand.
After consideration, we decided to go with a normal world as opposed to a flat world, should make for more interesting builds.
The world is 2000×2000 to start off with, if there’s a good amount of interest, we will expand it further.
So got an epic build you want to build, but couldn’t be bothered collecting the resources? Now you can build it!